The one saying it's impossible,

should not interupt the person doing it.

Lifestyle Health skrev 27 april 2017:

"Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and can improve memory and thinking -

possibly delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease, claim scientists.

A new study has revealed how elderly people practising Tai Chi - an ancient Chinese form of slow,

meditative exercise - just three times a week can boost brain volume and improve memory and thinking.

As the exercise increases mental activity, scientists believe it may be possible

to delay the onset of incurable Alzheimer's in pensioners.

Dementia and the gradual cognitive deterioration that precedes it is associated with increasing

shrinkage of the brain, as nerve cells and their connections are gradually lost.

The study, helped by Fudan University, China, was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease."

Several studies have lead to the same result, and it's obvious, if Tai Chi can make these changes,

reaching the state of Mindfulness with Tai Chi, is quite easy to obtain.

Silent Heart Tai Chi, has developed a simple, but very effective, system to help you find inner Peace,

and at the same time, strengthen your alignment, muscles and balance.

Scientists has proven that there's changes, to the better, all the way down to RNA and DNA level, when we meditate.

In fact, between 1500 and 2500 of the RNA and DNA molecules, maintaining our body, is enhanced.

Mindfulness with Tai Chi at Silent Heart Tai Chi, offer you real Mindfulness.

You're always welcome to try a lesson for free, just fill in the formular, in the "Contact menu.

I was looking for some kind of body-mind excersise, when I came across Michaels website.

From the very first moment, I could feel that Tai Chi was what I'd been searching for.

Michael willingly shared his knowledge, both professional, but also in a way, that made, even the smallest thing interesting.

I was so excited that I went to

China, in November 2018

to learn from the source.

It was an exciting month, but it

turned out, that all I was told or

shown, I already had heard

from Michael.

Thank you Sifu, for the way you

are, and for opening my world

Sonny Willers Madsen

Slagelse, Denmark.