Qi Gong means, directly translated, Energy Work.

Qi Gong goes back several thousand years, and is a part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicin),

along with accupuncture and Herbs, together with modern medicine.

In Qi Gong we put our focus on our breath and visualisation,

while we moves gentle in a way that activates our meridians,

which was scientifically found about two years ago.

In that way we are taking care of our body and organs,

but at the same time, we connect with our mid. You could calle it mind - body work.

You will ecperience calmnes and more joy in your everyday life, strengthen you blood circulation,

maintain your organs, stronger immun system and prevent a lot of diseases due to old age.

There's a huge number of forms, around 15.000, but a lot of the excercises are repeated.

I can help you with different forms, and none are better than the others,

but we can find the ones, that fits to your physical abilties and temper.

One thing is in common, they all help you to find calmness and mindfullnes.

If you don't have time for practising now,

you must set aside time to be sick,

when you get old.

Edward Stanley

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep

your balance, you must keep moving.”

                Albert Einstein