Commitment is an act, not just a word.

                      Jean-Paul Satre

My name is Michael Foss, examined Senior Tai Chi og Qi Gong instructor, by Taichihealthways, San Diego, California.

Diciple of Grand Master Jesse Tsao and 13' generation Lineage holder of Chen Style Tai Chi.

My given Chinese name is Chen Cheng Fo.

You can see my Lineage Tree beneith.

First of all, I'm for excercise instead of medicine.

Anything that can be preventive, is the most natural solution, in my World,

and that's where Tai Chi enters the picture.

I have never seen or tried any other sport or Martial Art, so complete for the whole person.

By that I mean preserving/enhancing health, Mindfulness and at the same time effective as a Martial Art.

Beside my Tai Chi and Qi Gong teaching, I work as musicproducer, paint paintings and compose music,

two hobbies which is a good compliment to my Tai Chi and the Peace it brings me.

"Michael came to Ireland to run a Tai Chi seminar with me. 

Michael is a seriously experienced Martial Artist who is devoid of ego and wants nothing, but to share his knowledge in a bid to help improve your quality of life.

He is dedicated and a first class teacher.

I would highly recommend attending one of Michael's classes and I look forward to many more seminars with him in the near future.

Kind regards

Suzanne Jordan

Tai Chi Freedom